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5 Zodiac Signs Whose Past Haunts Them

You can't enjoy the present if the past won't let go.

You can’t stop thinking about your ex. You think about what was good in your relationship, but most of all you think about what went wrong — the mistakes that were made, the apologies that weren’t attempted, and incidents that led to the breakup.

 The problem is that the relationship ended a long time ago, and yet, on some level, you figure out how to move on.

Perhaps it’s not a romantic relationship that haunts you but something you did in the past. 

Maybe you betrayed a friend or weren’t there when a loved one needed you the most. 

You regret your past mistakes and failings, and you keep going over them trying to work out what you could have done differently.
As with most things, astrology has a lot to do with how we process our life experiences. Some zodiac signs who are haunted by the past find themselves stuck in a type of limbo. How can you be fully present if the past takes up so much of your focus and energy?

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