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#UEFAAward: 'Only accidents, crimes and wars will still kill us' - Eric Cantona deliver a very bizarre acceptance speech (Video)

Football legend, Eric Cantona left viewers stunned and somewhat confused with his acceptance speech about Gods, wars and
crimes after receiving the UEFA President’s Award today.

The Manchester United legend picked up the award  which recognised the Frenchman’s amazing football career and his support of charitable causes and helping to improve lives around the world.  

But it was his speech that left onlookers including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo a bit confused.
Cantona said: “Soon the science will not only be able to slow down the aging of the cells, soon the science will fix the cells to the state. And so we become eternal. Only accidents, crimes and wars will still kill us. But unfortunately crimes and wars will multiply. I love football. Thank you.”
Ever since his playing days when he fly-kicked a fan at Selhurst Park, Cantona has become known for his moments of 'madness'.  

See the video below....

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