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See Mike Tyson's brutal response to comedian Michael Blackson after he sent him a DM saying he wants to marry his daughter, Mitchell Tyson

See Mike Tyson

Comedian Michael Blackson has reacted to the rumour that former American professional boxer, Mike Tyson is offering $10 Million to any man who will marry his
daughter Mitchell.

Though the rumour has no credibility, it's been flying around now for days and Michael Blackson, known for his sense of humour, decided to react to it.

See Mike Tyson

He shared a screenshot of the news report and indicated interest in marrying Mitchell Tyson.

Blackson wrote: "Where she at? I'll tear her a** up then go shopping plus she's kinda cute."

See Mike Tyson

Blackson further amused his followers by sharing screenshots of the message he claims he sent to Mike Tyson to show his interest in his daughter and the reply he got from Tyson.

See below.

See Mike Tyson
See Mike Tyson

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