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Update: Man who jumped into Lagos lagoon said he wanted to kill himself because his girlfriend ended their relationship - Police

The Lagos state police command spokesperson, Bala Elkana, has said that the young man who attempted suicide by jumping off the third mainland bridge into the

 Lagos Lagoon on Thursday morning

 February 27th, was a bitter boyfriend who his girlfriend had just ended their relationship.


Bala who confirmed this to newsmen, said Princewell David, the rescued man, said he wanted to kill himself because his girlfriend had just told him she was no longer interested in their relationship

''We have a report of a man, who jumped into the lagoon. He ordered an Uber vehicle and on getting to the Third Mainland Bridge, he told the driver that he wanted to urinate, but the driver, who remembered what happened recently, did not stop for him.

“He kept on mounting pressure on the driver, but the driver managed to drive to where our men were stationed to explain to them, but before he could do that, the passenger had jumped into the lagoon, but he was rescued by our marine police and local divers.

“David said he jumped into the lagoon because his girlfriend said she was no longer interested in the relationship.'' Bala said

Princewell took a taxi from the Igando area and was heading for the Island when he asked the driver to stop that he wanted to ease himself.

The driver who was aware of the suicide case that occured on the same bridge three weeks ago, drove close to some RRS officials where the young man alighted from the car and jumped off the bridge. Luckily, he fell on floating woods underneath the bridge.

He was then rescued by some marine police officers and taken to the hospital where he has been stabilized.

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