Should I Remain Silent Or Tell Him About It

Good afternoon nairalanders,before i start pardon my grammatical errors please
So sometimes last year a female friend of mind came to stay in our apartment me and my guy for a while because of accommodation issues,during that period they started having unprotected sex which i warn my guy to be careful to avoid story that touch.
Around june she move out of our apartment since then we are always keeping in touch via chat and calls,just today she told me that she is pregnant for my guy and she will soon put to bed by first week of February..
She warn me not tell to my guy about it no matter what and i promised her to do so.

The main issue now is that should i let my best friend know about it or i should keep quiet,what if he found out later that he has a baby with her and i have been keeping such secret from him, won't it affect our relationship?mind you,this is a guy we went to the same university together,we do most things together and also presently doing our nysc in the same organisation together

Please i need your advice on what to do so that at the end i won't look like the bad one
Below is our chat between me and the girl

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  1. It’s better you tell your friend
    Because if he found out himself he may never trust you again or he may not be himself when he found out like surprise.

    Come to think of it
    This lady intentionally did what she did because she wanted the pregnancy 🤰 if not she would have information the main guy not you and not her parents

    Tell your best friend
    Or lose a best friend forever

    My Advice


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