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Gunmen Storm School in Kenya

Reports have confirmed that a group of armed gunmen had stormed a secondary school in a province in Kenya that lies on the border with Somalia. Fortunately, no one was injured or
killed during the attack, and the school children and educators are unharmed. 
The attack happened on Tuesday afternoon. 
According to sources, the gunmen stormed into a room at the school where students were busy writing exams. 
The students apparently scampered all over the room and hid for cover as the gunmen started firing into the room. Luckily, no one was harmed. 
It is also reported that the room where the students were taking their exam was being guarded by six police officers. The gunmen apparently also exchanged fire with the gunmen after they burst into the room. 
It is unsure whether the police guards injured any of the gunmen in the shootout. 
To date, there has been no explanation or motive given for the shooting, and it is not sure if the gunmen were affiliated with Shabaab group militants.
The Shabaab group is a terrorist militant group that is linked to al-Qaeda. 
The Shabaab group are known to carry out attacks in the area. Most recently, they were responsible for the mass shooting at Kenya’s Garissa University in 2015 where 148 people were killed. 
While Shabaab militants or other al-Qaeda militant groups have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, the attack could possibly be linked to rival clans in the area. 
The area where the shooting took place is regularly a target of inter-clan violence over border disputes between Wajir and Garissa counties. 
The Kenyan government has said that they have amped up security in the area.

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